With just a seed of an idea, IMM develops expandable trailers and experiential mobile marketing campaigns from concept to operation. Every trailer we design is custom tailored to your specific objectives down to the last detail.

IMM doesn’t simply create vehicles that are road worthy, we create experiential environments. Nearly 90% of our work is agency related, and our team has the experience to design, fabricate, build and manage the most demanding tours.

Hospitality Trailers

Hospitality Trailers - Custom Design and Fabrication


IMM is a full service mobile marketing company, specializing in the design and fabrication of expandable trailers and custom promotional vehicles. We deliver both B2B and B2C experiential vehicles, mobile marketing build-outs, and tours.

Our IMM team provides support services to both agencies and marketing companies executing their design - delivering expandable trailers for your promotional tour on time and on budget. We can handle all or part of your program - it is your choice.

IMM doesn’t simply create vehicles that are road worthy - we create experiential environments. Our team has the creativity and experience to create, fabricate and manage the most demanding tours that stimulate positive and emotional heights to the relationships you have with your clients.

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